New report: Building Innovation Superclusters - Economic Development For the 21st Century

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 19 June 2019

"Following the early successes of the Canadian program, the rise of Asian clusters of innovation, the ongoing changes in the Nordics and across Europe, we are likely to see a number of new Innovation Superclusters towards 2030”. That is one of the conclusions of author Christian Rangen and his team, in the new report, Building Innovation Superclusters, that was published this week.

”Building Innovation Superclusters - Economic Development For the 21st Century” has involved hundreds of people across innovation clusters and cluster programs over the past four years. The new report explores what Innovation Superclusters are, how they are formed, and how countries can get started building them.

Built around the industries of the future, Superclusters can accelerate transformation and drive system-level innovation at scale. From China to Norway, Canada to Latin America, the report finds that most stakeholders are just starting to explore the potential of Innovation Superclusters.

The reports suggests that in order to be successful Superclusters need to be anchored in economic policies, national transformation plans and require visionary government leadership to fund, build and support over decades. Countries, regions, ecosystems and clusters will need to invest in training, capacity building and the development of new national frameworks to successfully develop future Innovation Superclusters.

Download the full report here

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The report is a collaboration between Engage // Innovate and Strategy Tools – the Modern Strategist’s Platform. The findings from the report will be presented at various conferences, workshops and webinars during 2019. Expanding on the report, the book, Innovation Superclusters – a new playbook for economic growth will be published in 2020.

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