The new ECCP COVID-19 Response Forum brings together the industrial clusters community to connect, solve and save!

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 17 April 2020

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) set-up the COVID-19 Response Forum for the industrial clusters and their members as a virtual place to connect and share their needs, offers, questions, experiences and solutions related to the COVID-19 outbreak within the community. We encourage everyone to participate! The Forum is part of a response portal aiming to support the clusters' industrial actors and public bodies to quickly access latest information available on EU updates key for industry, on demands from public authorities and solutions identified - not only for addressing challenges raised by the immediate situation, but also to support the economic reconstruction. Therefore, your contribution is key!

The forum is open to all registered users of ECCP. In order to create a personal account to participate in the Forum's activities, please click here.

 The Response Forum is divided in the following categories: 

  • I need help (Demand from authorities, health care providers and industrial clusters, etc.);
  • I can help (offers for supply and other help);
  • Discussion on technological solutions and tips (including cross sector collaboration);
  • Best practices sharing;
  • Economic effect;
  • Funding opportunities;
  • Social aspects;
  • Supporting policies (examples from regions, countries, questions, discussions, proposals).

It is important to highlight that the Response Forum purpose is not matching demand and supply. Solutions and demands should be placed only through a cluster organisation or public authorities.

You can access the COVID-19 Response Forum HERE.

Disclaimer: Neither the European Commission nor the ECCP are responsible for the content of any posts on this forum or the use which may be made of the content.

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