New EaP PLUS Report: Review of the state of development of clusters in EaP countries

Submitted by Morgane Veille… on 20 March 2017

The EAP PLUS project has published a new report entitled "Review of the state of development of clusters in EaP countries" on 9 March 2017.

The objective of the report is to review the state of development of clusters in EaP countries, and to help strengthen clusters in EaP countries by transferring the EU’s good practices, and facilitating susbtainable inter-cluster cooperation between EU and EaP countries’ existing or emerging clusters.

The report includes a quantitative and qualitative knowledge review of existing clusters or emerging cluster initiatives in EaP countries, a knowledge review of current strengths and weaknesses of cluster policies and cluster organizations in these countries, the identification of the needs of the existing and emerging clusters in EaP countries, and general recommendations for the development of clusters and cluster-emerging initiatives in EaP countries.

The target group of this review are policy makers, cluster organisations, research and innovation centers and SME’s in EaP countries, European and national policy makers in the EU, as well as cluster organisations in EU Member States looking to develop partnerships in the region.

The review allows for a better understanding of the cluster climate in EaP countries and identifies actual or potential cluster organisations in EaP countries that will contribute to the organization of the cluster grant scheme activity. The review has permitted to identify a number of organisations with strong potential in EaP countries, namely the Association for the Advancement of Clustering in Georgia.

To learn more about the EAP PLUS project, please visit the website.

The report can be downloaded below or on the EAP PLUS project website.

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