The Network for Business Sustainability (INSME Member from Canada) recently published the Results of a Survey on "Business Challenges for Sustainability"

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 21 June 2016

In March 2016, the Network for Business Sustainability - NBS (INSME Member) released its annual report on "Business Challenges for Sustainability" based on the feedback received from Canadian leaders who identified and ranked the top sustainability challenges faced by Canadian businesses. Following its publication, NBS asked global professionals to provide a feedback on the same challenges by rating how important those are with regard to their businesses. The long-term impact of the actions developed to achieve sustainability is the issue on which the views differ the most. The global community assigned a top priority to the long-term orientation of the organization while Canadian professionals ranked this challenge last. This might be due to the fact that Canadian businesses identified climate change as the most pressing issue for their businesses. A similar ranking position has been registered for topics such as Sustaining Sustainability Programs, Measuring and Reporting Sustainability, Educating Consumers for Responsibility and Collaboration for Sustainability. On the basis of the comments received from diverse members of the NBS Community, this might depend on the fact that these topics are strictly connected and working on one issue might necessarily implicate working on the others.

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