NEPIC & DIT Northern Powerhouse Chemical & Process Industry Annual Market Visit to India

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 12 February 2017

The visit, primarily focused on the process sector and supply chain, also has broad industrial and service sector appeal. We feel this trip presents a tremendous opportunity to gain an insight into this growing economy and be introduced to, and discuss with, a range of key decision makers across the Indian process industry.

The market visit dates will be February 7th – 15th 2017 and we would seek to specifically target and signpost your business requirements with both visits and introductory meetings. We will visit Bangalore in the state of Karnataka for the India Pharma Exhibition, then go to Pune to meet with Tata Chemicals Innovation Centre and other associated companies before travelling to Mumbai for the Indian Chemical Council (ICC) 10th Annual Outlook Conference on 13th and 14th February.


India’s positioning relative to the other developing economies has become increasingly attractive. Following the rapid slowdown in the Chinese economy with resulting financial turmoil, many commentators now expect India over the next 2 decades to replace China as the main driver for worldwide economic growth. India’s chemical sector is 50% larger than the UKs and is growing at 12% per year. India is a key partner for, and one of the UK’s most important markets in the world, bilateral trade is growing at 30-40% a year and investment is on a similarly strong upward trend. The UK has strong ties with India, and UK companies are well positioned to take advantage of this growing export and investment market. The visit will include at least 5 days in market including Mumbai, taking in the prestigious Annual India Chemical Outlook Conference, and a choice of one other major centre.


Joining a group with experienced leaders from NEPIC and supported by UKTI, who lead this market visit, with all their long established networks in India affords, companies with an ideal opportunity to de-risk their early interactions with what can be a very difficult location to do business on your own. In country support partners are critical to success and include the Indian Chemical Council (ICC, the Apex body for the chemical industry in India). In country partners supporting previous visits include TATA, Reliance Industries, Karnataka Pharmaceutical Cluster, Dahej PCPIR, Mangalore SEZ, Vapi Industries Association, local chambers of commerce and trade associations.

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