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Low Carbon Brazil reaches its second phase

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Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil has reached its second phase with 90 companies selected to receive technical assistance and access to financing sources from green funds, with the purpose of leveraging their low carbon economy projects.

The project Low Carbon Business Action is a European-funded initiative that aims at engaging SME from Brazil and Europe to exchange innovative experiences and support them into their transition to low carbon technologies and resource efficient processes.

The projects targets which mostly contribute to the reduction of Brazilian emissions of Greenhouse Gases. The fields promoted by the initiative are the following: agriculture and forestry, renewable energy, industrial processes, waste management and biogas, as well as energy efficiency in the building industry.

The phase II of the project will entail to help the 90 selected projects to obtain funding in the following areas:

  • Market viability, economic and financial services;
  • Technical viability services;
  • Potential impact services (environmental, cost analysis);
  • Legal advisory services (Mapping of certifications, DPI, taxes, regulatory framework, incentives);
  • Financial consultancy and Facilitation to deal with Financial Entities.

More information can be found on their website: http://lowcarbonbrazil.com.br