Lithuanian Clusters Network invites cluster experts to join the international Clusters Excellence Centre

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 23 January 2018

Lithuanian Clusters Association is developing an international Cluster Excellence Centre which will accumulate human resources and experience of clusterization processes, based on various expertise, creativity and development potential.

The Cluster Excellence Centre will cooperate with cluster experts from Lithuania and other countries: clusters policy makers working in the institutions of the European Union, Lithuania and other countries, organizations implementing clusters policy, cluster networks and other international organizations, experienced cluster coordinators, facilitators, project managers, consultants for EU projects and funding, business consultants, cluster trainers and professionals from other areas of activities.

The goal of the Cluster Excellence Centre is to bring together policy makers and the executive branch of government to create a conducive national environment for clusterization, creating opportunities for clusters operating in Lithuania and abroad. It also aims to facilitate the interaction between clusters initiatives and ideas generators to use the experience, the knowledge, the creative and strategic development potential of colleagues from other clusters. This initiative of the Lithuanian Clusters Association will contribute to creating a high-competence clusters ecosystem, to promote cluster excellence, to make the cluster operations more efficient and trigger international cooperation.

At this stage, the Lithuanian Clusters Association is developing a database of cluster experts from Lithuania and other countries. If you would like to contribute to the development of clustering ideas, clusters policies and clusters development, we invite you to fill in the Lithuanian Clusters Association Excellence Centre Expert Questionnaire. We will invite selected candidates for an interview.

A team of experts of the Cluster Competence Centre will work at various levels (national/international) and areas to help Lithuanian and foreign clusters to solve current challenges.

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