Leadership, governance and implementation on competitive routes in Colombia

Submitted by alinadanielescu on 28 April 2016

Competitive routes, also known as Cluster Initiatives, are the optimum Meeting point from where fostering trust among entrepreneurs and reflecting on the future strategies of companies. However, as we approach the end of a competitive process route, when we have defined the future strategy and have encouraged a significant number of entrepreneurs, questions begin to arise. These questions are related to the governance of the future initiative and especially with the implementation of projects: "How do we continue? How will we ensure the sustainability of the cluster initiative process? Who will lead the implementation? How do we start these projects?"

From this context we have been involved in several projects in Colombia that claim, on the one hand, implement concrete actions that generate value to entrepreneurs in reaching new markets and businesses at national and international level and sophistication of products and services applied innovation processes. On the other hand, implement a governance that give sustainability to the long-term cluster decision spaces initiative, rules, funding models and methodologies.

  • Examples of this combination work between implementation and governance are:
  • PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY INTERNATIONAL TOURISM PRODUCTS IN THE HIGH AND MEDIA GUAJIRA. Here a multidisciplinary team of Cluster Development with experts packetization ethno-cultural tourism products is working with 15 employers in the region (guajiros and Wayuu) in three key areas: the bundling of new tourism products focused on more sophisticated markets and pay a higher value, the construction of a territorial narrative line with the products and with an expert in territorial marketing and the consolidation of a public-private governance as a consortium of tourism development. This has also created a link with the highest authorities of the Wayuu
  • 4 projects CHALLENGE CLUSTER program: Two projects with the Chamber of Commerce of Cali in the Cluster Initiatives and Clinical Excellence Macrosnacks, a project with the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga Health and another with the Chamber of Commerce of Casanare in pineapple.
  • Advanced training Development Cluster Management: taught in some chambers of commerce training. A program that combines theory, case studies and interaction with successful European Cluster Managers and Latin America to overcome the five challenges to the sustainability of competitive routes. It also offers consultancy to teach how cameras should be organized to respond to the entire life cycle of a Competitive Route.
  • We also continue to support our customers in the implementation phase of the governance of cluster initiativesin which we have participated, staking entrepreneurs with clear rules and opportunities for participation and decision.

For more information please visit: http://www.cluster-development.com/news/item?item_id=300964

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