LASER-GO: Towards a partnership with North America

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 05 February 2017

In the framework of the LASER-GO project, the Paris region high-tech cluster Opticsvalley visited Quebec to initiate further cooperation in the light of the strengthening cooperation between the EU and Canada.

Antoine BEGUE, specialized in health issues for Opticsvalley, travelled to Canada in May 2016 to discuss potential cooperation with representatives clusters/organisations from the photonics and medical sector in Quebec: Arizona Photonics Association, Québec international (the economic development structure of Québec) and MEDEC (lobbying organization for Medical devices industry in Canada). A meeting was also organised with Photonics Québec, the regional cluster, on the occasion of the Photonics North exhibition.

Exchanges on future international cooperation will continue in 2017, as two representatives from Opticsvalley will attend Photonics West (including the BiOS exhibition) in San Francisco end of January 2017. Another meeting with Photonics Québec is already planned, as with US Medical associations, namely BIOCOM and MASSMEDIC.

For any further information, please contact Fiona GERENTE (f.gerente [at]

LASER-GO consortium brings together clusters from Styria, Île-de-France and Vilnius (Human.Technology, Opticsvalley and LITEK) respectively) active in photonics and health.

The consortium is part of the EU’s efforts to create new channels for SMEs in the emerging sectors (characterised by higher levels of productivity, R&D intensity and clusterisation) helping to access third markets. In the case of LASER-GO, the direction is clear: to go out jointly and find out opportunities for photonics-enabled technologies in health-related uses. The targeted markets span from the Far East (Malaysia, Singapore), across North America to South Africa, reaching the newly opened-up Iran.

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