Key Concept: A Collaborative System. The Transylvanian Ecosystem

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Knowledge-driven economy is becoming the social model of choice, as a paradigm facilitating collaboration. The Northern Transylvania Cluster Consortium furthers the pledge made five years ago to facilitate access for the companies operating at local level to the latest studies, technologies, best practices and trends, by organizing yet another event that celebrates innovation and promotes interdisciplinary and transnational collaboration - the Transylvanian Clusters’ International Conference. The partners' aim for this exchange of ideas is to become catalytic for business partnerships.

The consortium is comprised of clusters representing the most successful sectors of the region: Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Transilvania IT Cluster, Agro - Food - Ind Transilvania Cluster, Transylvania Energy Cluster (TREC) and Transilvania Creative Industries Cluster.

A Dictionary of Collaboration | Cluster, Consortium, Ecosystem & Common Projects

The Transylvanian Clusters Consortium acts as an ecosystem, implementing numerous joint projects, among them the Transylvanian Clusters’ International Conference.

StartUp Partner is such a project, aimed at transferring expertise, resources and good practices between successful companies and young entrepreneurs at the start of their business activity. Participation was open for community members, and free. Based on their business ideas, participants competed against each other, the most compelling were granted the funding to start their dream. Presently, those selected for funding are undergoing mentorship provided to them by members of the Clusters, which will help to further develop their businesses and plan their activities on a longer term.

Another common project aims to improve communication between economic agents, universities and public administration representatives (all cluster members) on one hand, and public policies decision factors, on the other. The project, entitled România Inteligentă is an initiative that allows Cluster members to make their voices heard on public policy design, especially since they are directly impacted by them.

Following consultation, questionnaires and debates led by the project team during the past several months, three main topics were addressed:

  • state support for Romanian companies interested in accessing foreign markets,
  • priority of digitalisation, which enables companies and institutions to benefit from IT solutions delivered by an increasingly dynamic sector,
  • connection between public acquisitions and the quality certification of products, not pricing, especially in connection to nurseries, schools and hospitals.

Cluj May Become Home to a Supercluster

Common projects also stand for common engagement, and such engagements are considered to be the greatest challenge for 90% of the groups with the aim of transition from ecosystems to superclusters (according to an independent study by Engage|Innovate). For now an economic ecosystem, the Northern Transylvania Clusters’ Consortium has all the credentials to become a supercluster.

There are 7000 clusters internationally, 3000 of which in the EU (according to the above study). By sharing resources, superclusters are considered capable of solving some of the biggest challenges worldwide, with a massive anticipated contribution to a more prosperous future. Despite this, superclusters are very rare and for Transilvania to have such a power engine would be an extraordinary achievement.

#TCIC2019 |  Impactful Debates for Cutting-edge Industries   

The fifth edition of the Transylvanian Clusters’ International Conference will be held in September 18th-20th, in Cluj Napoca as a collaborative medium between hundreds of experts from Europe, Asia, United States and Africa. The focus of the event is to reunite specialists from sectors with an increased capacity to generate jobs of the future: IT, furniture agrofood, energy, creative industries. The topic of this edition is dedicated to ecosystems generated by clusters - how they work, whom they address, how they further innovate and how they support emerging businesses. #TCIC2019 will be held at CREIC – Centrul Regional de Excelență pentru Industrii Creative, in Cluj Innovation Park.

The conference was created to facilitate direct access to knowledge and expertise, as well as to enable exchanges of good practices. Participants are invited and encouraged to freely discuss with top specialists - speakers or participants, to exchange ideas, to learn more about market trends, innovative products and services.

Participants can choose the most relevant panels for their field of business. Those working in the field of creative industries will be able to debate present challenges and best means to overcome them together with specialists who have successfully implemented dozens of projects. Representatives of agro-foods can exchange knowledge on data usage for a 4.0 agriculture, whereas the IT sector representatives can further intiate trans-sectoral collaboration in these digital times. Representatives of the energy sector enquiring on best approaches to access regenerable resources are welcome, as are representatives of the wood and furniture industry aiming to find about the latest tools and technologies, as well as paradigms that focus on streamlining collaboration.

Aside concept and practice design, participants are encouraged to identify potential business partners, transforming ideas exchange into economic partnerships.

Members of clusters can attend free of charge, based on advance booking:

↠ Conference participation is free for members of all clusters. Please ask for an invitation from your cluster of affiliation and fill in the form, by August 26th:

↠ Online registration for clusters’ members and interested parties:

↠ Speaker details and conference schedule:

↠ Matchmaking platform for the 1:1 meetings  scheduled for September 20th: . You can use this platform to schedule meetings with potential business partners.

↠ Get news of the conference live on our social media page:

TCIC 2019 is an event co-organised by the Romanian Cluster Association - CLUSTERO and Romanian New Materials Cluster, under the patronage of the Romanian Economy Ministry, Cluj Napoca City Hall and Cluj County Council with the support of Enterprise Europe Network, TCI, European Cluster Collaboration Platform, Cluj Innovation Park, Liberty Technology Park Cluj, AMCOR România, Techcelerator, Cluj Startups, British Embassy Bucharest.

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