Italian hospital saves Covid-19 patients lives by 3D printing valves for reanimation devices

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 25 March 2020

We share with you an example of cooperation between different ecosystem actors, featured in the article autored by Davide Sher for the online publication 3D Printing Media Network, helping to support industrial supply chains that are affected by limitations on traditional production and imports given the implications of the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

The article shows how 3D printing can have an immediate beneficial effect when the supply chain is completely broken, reporting how the The FabLab in Milan helped finding a company in the area able to address the shortage valves for an intensive care device:  Isinnova, responded to this call for help and bringing a 3D printer directly to the hospital and in just a few hours, redesigned and then produced the missing piece. 

Read the entire article here. © 2020 3D Printing Media Network

Photo: Christian Fracassi, Founder CEO of Isinnova (on the left) designed and 3D printed the missing valve. © 2020 3D Printing Media Network

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