Invitation to Tender for the Provision of Training in Cluster Excellence Management for the COSME Funded CECIL Project

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 23 November 2016

This CECIL consortium wishes to select an organisation with specific knowledge in “Cluster Excellence Management Training” to provide the appropriate training in line with the requirements indicated in the attached document. It is the consortium’s desire to obtain knowledge and practical skills to improve the consortium members cluster management capability and enable the five individual members to provide high quality services to their own cluster members. The training programme will follow the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence (EFCE) framework which encourages joint training activities in which cluster managers with different expertise are involved. The five consortium members of CECIL are at various levels of the European Secretariat of Cluster Analysis (ESCA) labels and therefore the training provider will need to be capable of delivering teachings, best practices, and case studies to deepen the theoretical knowledge of the consortium partners and enable interactive discussion on the challenges of cluster management to unfold. 

Closing date for submissions is Friday 9th of December at 1700.

Please see the attached document for further details.

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