Invitation to INOTEX - the 6th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition + Forum, Iran

Submitted by Lucia Seel on 06 March 2017

In 2016, the Pardis Technology Park (PTP) with the auspices of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, Centre for Innovation and Technology Cooperation, and Innovation and Development fund, held the 5th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX2016) on 22-25 May in which 82 foreign companies from 14 countries including Russia, Greece, Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech, China, South Korea, India, and 91 Iranian knowledge-based companies participated in this event.

More than 8000 specialists visited this exhibition and about 30 contracts and MOUs (related to technology transfer and export of technological products) were signed between the domestic and foreign enterprises. The Second International Forum was also held on the side-line of the exhibition in which 15 international eminent figures from 12 countries around the world along with 24 Iranian experts presented their latest experiences in 10 specialized panels.

As a state level expo with international dimensions aiming to define international technology-driven economic cooperation, technology exports, promoting technological capabilities of Iranian companies, increasing competitiveness of Iranian companies in international arena and facilitating technology transfer process, with an integrated plan is intending to turn to the biggest hub for technology transfer in the region.

In 2017, the INOTEX2017 will be held on 23 -26 May which will focus on 8 technology fields such as Automation and  Intelligent systems, Biotechnology and Medical Equipment, Information and Communication Technology, oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, Nanotechnology, Renewable  and New Energies, Urban Technologies and Aerospace. The 3rd International Innovation Networking Forum will also take place on the side line of the exhibition. It is estimated that about 20 countries would attend the exhibition.

Participants from European clusters are cordially invited to attend this international event. It is noteworthy to mention that to support the attendance of countries in holding national pavilion in the exhibition, special financial incentives have been allocated.

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