Interesting insight into business models of cluster organisations

Submitted by alinadanielescu on 04 October 2016

Silicon Saxony Management GmbH, a 100% daughter company of the gold-labeled cluster Silicon Saxony, through a master thesis that gives interesting insight into business model development for cluster management organizations (CMO), while revealing the importance of the level of services provided in generating revenues for the cluster organization.  

Results of a master thesis give interesting insight into business models of cluster organisations

In the framework of a Master thesis, the business model development for cluster management organisations (CMO)  has been intensively investigated by one of its most recent staff members, Nadja Dehne. Beside a literatury analysis, a survey has been done among 55 CMOs. It turned out that differentiation of CMOs happens first and foremost on the level of services that also play an increasing role in the financing the cluster organiation itself. The survey revealed that in fact services on average make 20% of the revenues of a cluster organisation. Services related to knowledge transfer offer the highest sales potential in this regard.

However, benchmarking or identification of best practices is only one our of many steps to improve your business model as a cluster organisation. If you are interested in the complete results of the work, please contact nadja.dehne [at] , project manager at Silicon Saxony Management GmbH. Silicon Saxony Management offers services for the members of Silicon Saxony and Cool Silicon. Its activities focus on business development and internationalisation activities, often in the framework of EU-funded projects.

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