Intelligent Cities Challenge open for applications

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 02 March 2020

Deadline for applications: 29 May 2020, 11:59 CET

In 2017 the European Commission launched the Digital Cities Challenge to help 41 cities across the EU transform their digital policy to make their urban space more enjoyable for everyone. This year the Commission is going a step further to help 100 cities become greener, more social and smarter in the Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC).

Cities shape the future of the EU. 72% of EU citizens live in them (United Nations). And city ecosystems are powerful actors of change. 50% of the reductions necessary to reach net zero can be achieved at city level (C40). The right technologies targeted to the right problems can deliver green, smart and sustainable growth for cities - improving the quality of life for everyone who calls them home.

ICC will unite EU cities in seizing the opportunity for green smart sustainable growth, improving the quality of life and fostering new opportunities for citizens. 100 cities will receive world-class support - in person, online, and as a community. The call for Expressions of Interest is now open.

The program includes local visits, events, network support acctivities, support by lead experts and thematic experts as well as a 30 month programme delivered by regional specialists based on the collective expert experience of over 100 smart city strategies, tailored to the biggest thematic issues for your city – be it energy, mobility or security, or other local priorities.

Please find more details on the call here

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