Industry 4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Submitted by ECCP Team on 20 June 2017

Industry 4.0 targets putting together University researchers and experts from companies in a brainstorming environment towards analysing the new technological elements, understanding the trends and foreseeing the Fourth Industrial Revolution brought up by connectivity, social-ability and several more nowadays keywords.

Who should attend this event:

From a different perspective, organizations such as Universities can be updated on the latest knowledge and information; research centers may find right partners for collaboration, and companies will be aware of the gap between their current standing and state of the art technology! This could help for understanding Future Business environment under the light of emerging technology.

3rd Industry 4.0 Event is another step to support shift pardigm in Iran. We are looking for more practical solutions to facilitate Knowledge and technology transition to start Fourth Industrial Revolution both in Micro & Macro level.

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Industry 4.0 The Fourth Industrial Revolution
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