Impact Assessment of EUREKA Network Projects and Cluster Projects

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 14 June 2018

We present you an useful study carried out by a consortium led by Prognos AG and its research partners, Joanneum Research and Professor Cincera (Université Libre de Bruxelles), published by Eureka in 2017, focusing on the impact of EUREKA grant-based support to companies in the period 2001-2015: Impact Assessment of EUREKA Network Projects and Cluster Projects.

Key results:

  1. Annual turnover of participating firms 15% higher for Network projects and 13% higher for Cluster projects one year after project end
  2. Annual employment growth is 4% higher for Network Projects and 7% higher for Cluster projects one year after project end
  3. Participating firms recognized or expected a strengthened economic position through the EUREKA project, in particular by entering new markets, improved market share or increased exports
  4. The high degree of flexibility of EUREKA, building upon a strong bottom-up approach, is a an essential asset for many participating firms
  5. Aside from the rapid exploitation of research results, improved behaviour in managing and performing international R&D collaboration leads to a variety of benefits to participating organisations; intangible changes pertain in particular to improved strategy and competitiveness
  6. Shorter projects involving smaller consortia were more successful in bringing their products and services to market in a short period of time

The study also recommended a number of avenues for further exploration and development by the EUREKA Network:

  • Synchronise and accelerate funding decisions
  • Harmonise funding opportunities and funding rules
  • Explore and test “Speed-boats” in Clusters – smaller projects with shorter duration which can be more effective for fast-developing markets
  • Use progress checks to validate market perspective and strengthen commercialisation efforts
  • Explore complementary opportunities for financing of EUREKA SMEs e.g. ESIF, S2E

You may also find key findings and recommendations of the study in the attached document or here.

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