How can design methods enhance collaborative partnerships

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 13 March 2019

International projects and collaboration among countries require individuals with different backgrounds and professions coming together to work towards shared goals. Enhancing effective collaboration is a key to transferring knowledge and learning from one another to improve and become more competitive. Hence, building up team members’ individual abilities can help the whole partnership to collaborate better and more efficiently.   Design methods create an important basis for any partnership that is set to build a project together. Finding common ground and establishing an aligned mindset can be incredibly beneficial. As innovation is considered one of the main driving forces shaping the industries of today, integrating design capabilities into project teams can maximise the impact of their work.   Ways design can enhance current and upcoming collaborative initiatives:
  • Spark new project directions and proposals;
  • Accelerate the process from analysing challenges to developing solutions;
  • Better alignment of strengths & weaknesses within a partnership;
  • Empowering individual capabilities for project success;
  • Strong basis for innovative teamwork and collaboration;  
  • Create more inclusive approaches & environments;
  • Increased efficiency in decision-making processes.


  The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) is one of the top 20 design and innovation schools in the world, according to Business Insider. As an organisation that believes in the transformational power of design, CIID offers a platform that equips teams with tools and skills needed to innovate.   Every year people from all around the world gather at CIID Summer School to participate in 5-day long workshops facilitated by leading experts and held in the context of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.   Over 30 workshops are designed to unlock the creative potential of the participants. It all starts with empowering the individuals, who, with the right tools, can shape the development of their industries. Building up partners’ capabilities increases the capacity for innovation within any given project.   The CIID Summer School workshops are currently offered in Copenhagen, (from July 8th to August 9th), Costa Rica (from 19th to 30th of August) and India (Nov-Dec, Dates TBC) for individuals from all disciplines and backgrounds, who share a desire to learn. It is an immersive yet compact experience that offers an opportunity to explore the possibilities design thinking can bring for your projects.    

An offer for the clusters:

If you look to future-proof the competences of your people and increase their design capability, CIID can help in training up important skills. As a cluster organisation, you are entitled to an all-year-round -10% on top of any given rate, when booking CIID Summer School workshop(s) in all locations.   Please contact: Ana Farias, Head of the CIID Summer School program - a.farias [at]  ">a.farias [at]   To learn more, please visit us at:    
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