Global pledging marathon steps up to the next phase

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 05 June 2020

The European Commission together with Global Citizen has annouced the plan to step up the mobilisation of funding to enable the world to overcome the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and also avoid another. A Global Pledging Summit will be effectuated on the 27th of June 2020. The European Commission’s global COVID-19 response aims to facilitate universal access to affordable COVID-19 vaccination, treatment and testing, and farther move towards the next phase. At this point, the European Commission has registered €9.8 billion in pledges, beyond the initial target of €7.5 billion. This is a new stretch in trying to raise the considerable resources that will be needed for accelerating the development of new solutions and ensuring their universal and inclusive access. The objective is to expand access everywhere and for everyone who needs it.

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