European Research and Innovation Centres in Brazil, China and the U.S.

Submitted by morgane.vl on 31 March 2017

European Research and Innovation Centres in Brazil, China and the U.S.

Within the next months, a Network of European Research & Innovation Centres will be established in Brazil (CEBRABIC), China (ERICENA) and the U.S. (NearUS).

The Centres will provide a wide range of services to European stakeholders (research organisations, universities, start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs etc.) that are aiming to expand to or to collaborate with R&I organisations from the U.S., China or Brazil.

Indicate Your demand for such services and / or Your activities in this field and so that the Centres can propose the support that is in line with Your needs.

 As such, we kindly invite you to participate in two ways:

  • Please answer the survey (click here to access the survey portal)
  • Please forward the survey’s link to your own networks interested in the centres and their services (by providing this link: to your contacts for accessing the survey portal)

Thank you for your participation and we’ll keep in touch!

Please note that your data privacy and the data from your network will be entirely secured. All answers will be treated in respect to confidentiality rules of the European Commission. Only aggregated results of the survey will be disclosed, which cannot be traced back to individual entries

For any questions, please contact [email protected]

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