European Cluster Alliance Against Coronavirus Webinars on Recovery and Resilience

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 27 August 2020

Since March, ECA has hosted over 100 webinars to analyse the implications and help industrial cluster with the post-pandemic regeneration. After a one-month break, the European Cluster Alliance Against Coronavirus Initiative is returning with more interesting daily webinars (starting at 8.30am CET) on the role of clusters in accelerating the European recovery. Hosted by the European Cluster Alliance (ECA), Eurada and the European Commission, the overall aim is to link and reinforce industrial ecosystems in the European Recovery Plans the Smart Specialisation Strategies.

The first week (1/9-5/9) will kick off with a Launching event - Fostering the European Recovery through Industrial Clusters: state of play and an introduction to Partnerships of Industrial Modernization Platforms. The second week (7/9-11/9) will follow the title "S3: Smart Specialisation Strategies Week" in which will guide clusters and SMEs on how to make use of the EU Structural Funds for recovery. In the remaining days (14/9-30/9) there will be one dedicated session for each of the 14 industrial ecosystems as well as two webinars on Clusters in the European Recovery Plans (16/9 and 30/9).

Find more information here: 

Agenda September 2020 European Alliance Against Coronavirus.pdf

Registration for the webinars is not necessary. All videoconferences will be held using the same link:

The weekly agenda and further information on the individual session will be available on the ECCP's COVID-19 Webpage. Future webinar summaries and recordings as well as of the previous +100 ECA webinars can be found here

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