The EU Asia Business Link (EALink)

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 23 March 2017

EALink is a one-stop-shop where European SMEs and business organisations can find key information and relevant links to develop business in Asia.

The European Union is increasingly engaged in developing support initiatives for European SMEs to expand their activities internationally,  outside of the EU. This has led to a variety of programmes and structures, in particular across Asia. These EU Business Support Initiatives are however not always well known among the European business community and they are not always coordinated with other relevant stakeholders.

Therefore, following an initiative of the European Parliament, it was decided to create a “Coordination Platform”, the EU Asia Business Link, which aims at:

Increasing the visibility of different EU initiatives in Asia amongst EU-based companies and business organisations, and Increasing the coherence among these different initiatives so as to ensure the biggest possible impact of these EU efforts.

The development of this platform has been entrusted by DG DEVCO of the European Commission to GOPA Com. and EUROCHAMBRES, who work in close cooperation with relevant stakeholders in Asia and in the EU: business support organisations, EuroChams, business centres and networks, the Europe Enterprise Network, etc.

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