ELAN Network Event Colombia 2017

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 20 July 2017

ELAN Network Event Colombia 2017 “The role of ICTs in the productive development agenda of Colombia and especially in Bogota - Cundinamarca“ is a space for consolidating enterprise networks collaborative work based on innovation, in order to co-generate business opportunities and taking advantage of the generation of shared value based on technology. It will focus on Software and Information Technology services as enabling technology to respond to high impact regional needs within the framework of the Bogotá - Cundinamarca Intelligent Specialisation Strategy.

The event will be coordinated with 20th TCI Global Conference "The Future of Clusters through Cross-country & Cross-region Collaboration“ to be held on 7th-9th of November, seeking to enable participants to engage with Cluster strategies for conducting business.

Activities and group dynamics will be carried out with the general objective of identifying the current state of the selected topics, establishing challenges, improving and consolidating areas for the generation of business opportunities based on technology transfer. Among other sessions, the event will include activities aimed at:

  • Identify and explore the technological and market challenges that Colombia has as a country, especially the region of Bogotá - Cundinamarca.
  • Present the offer of European companies, as well as their response to the challenges posed and the needs of the local partners to carry out new business.
  • Through the co-creation sessions, bring together the capacities of actors from both continents, to develop ideas of cooperation in new business opportunities based on technology.
  • Discuss concrete business ideas, through bilateral meetings between participants.
  • Train attendees in different types of knowledge that allow them to successfully complete the identified business opportunities.

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ELAN Network Event Colombia 2017
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