ECRI PROJECT – Call for expression of interest for subcontractors

Submitted by alinadanielescu on 15 March 2017

Four European life sciences clusters, all consortium members of the ECRI (Excellence Cluster for Regional Improvement) EU funded COSME project, seek submissions from suitably qualified training course providers for the provision of a classroom-based and on-site tailored training course in Cluster Excellence Management. This is an open procedure regarding the training of cluster managers in the specific fields of cluster economics, cluster initiative screening, industry analysis and segmentation, value chain analysis, benchmarking and internationalization of SMEs, cluster organization management, project management for clusters and innovation management & assessment.

The Expression of interests document (attached) provides details and instructions to be followed by eligible applicants. Applications can be sent from March 16, 2017 included,  to April 18, 2017 included. Applications received before or after the indicated limit dates will be disregarded.

The project “Excellence Cluster for Regional Improvement” (ECRI) is based on the ambition to improve cluster excellence, cluster management and performance through learning and reciprocal collaboration of four European life science clusters. The consortium is composed of four European life science clusters and each of the consortia member is from a different country with a different level of cluster excellence. Project partners will jointly undertake a series of activities such as trainings, mentoring sessions and study visits and will identify the best practices, processes and tools for cluster management.

More information about the ECRI project can be found here.

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