ECCP welcomes the first Gold Label Mexican cluster organisation!

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 21 March 2017

Just in time for its 10th anniversary, the Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo Leon, A.C. (CLAUT) recently received the prestigious Gold Label awarded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). It is a recognition for the high-quality cluster management processes in place, rewarding the efforts made towards the positioning and growth of an organisation that strongly contributes to regional development and competitiveness.

Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo León, A.C. (CLAUT) is a civil association made up of manufacturers of the Automotive Industry, Educational Institutions, and Local Government. The manufacturers are positioned in different segments of the automotive supply chain, ranging from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to providers of first, second, and third level, industrially known as "Tier 1", "Tier 2" and "Tier 3". Furthermore, CLAUT’s collaboration spirit drives the continuous construction and development of strategic alliances which allow other Associations and Chambers – national and international – to work with the Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo Leon in different projects that lead to a stronger and more competitive automotive sector.

CLAUT’s vision to be recognized by the global automotive industry for a high degree of competitiveness, technology, and sustainable growth in Nuevo Leon and surroundings has contributed to the development of Mexico. Below, you may find a summary of some cases that show the contribution of this organisation:

Automotive Supplier Event Every year since 2011, a sourcing event is organised to promote a higher national integration of automotive part suppliers. In these events, buyers from automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies have meetings with Tier 2 companies from all over the country to explore business opportunities, and in the last three years we have facilitated meetings between more than 1,500 people, from 83 OEM/Tier 1 companies and 600 Tier 2 suppliers.

CLAUT Annual Award In 2014, Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo Leon launched the “CLAUT Award” to recognise and divulge high impact improvements among its members. Within its 3 editions, 158 projects have been submitted and 16 have been selected winners. The Award is not only helping CLAUT members to motivate a healthy competition for continuous improvement and team work collaboration, but also sharing best practices among different organisations.

Mainforum Event MAINFORUM is one of the most important automotive technology forums organised in Mexico, held every two years since 2014 in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. The programme features a variety of keynote speeches, discussion panels, networking sessions, and workshops that cover a range of topics such as emission control and fuel economy regulation, cybersecurity improvement, and technological development for lightweighting, powertrains, and autonomous driving.

Furthermore, the MAINFORUM event is becoming a platform of collaboration and networking for researchers, technologists, consultants, authorities and industry leaders that are interested in discussing and sharing ideas of what the automotive technologies might be in 2025 and the evolution of pathways for Mexico to become a global source of manufacturing and R&D.

Driven/CLAUT Innovation Centre Driven is a multi-million research and development Centre founded in 2016 by five CLAUT manufacturing associates, one CLAUT university, and the partial contribution of a Mexican government grant. This Innovation Centre is quickly becoming the intended development and training ecosystem which will provide the next generation of local designers, products and processes that will tackle future human mobility challenges. Currently, the Driven Centre provides specialised services such as design and simulation engineering, long-term research and development projects, training and talent Development, and Software and Hardware rentals. 

ECCP congratulates its new Mexican member for its achievements! 

Contact: Manuel Montoya, Cluster Manager (mmonotyao [at]  

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