During FILEX France, three Cluster Trophies will be awarded to outstanding innovative projects and experiments carried out by clusters and member companies: check the finalists!

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 05 September 2019

France Clusters, in partnership with EIFFAGE Construction, Banque Populaire-NEXT'INNOV, AG2R LA MONDIALE, will award three Cluster Trophies in the framework of FILEX France, the national forum of sectors of excellence and territorial ecosystems, that will take place next 12 and 13 September 2019, in Paris (France).

Cluster trophies reward and promote clusters and member companies who are carrying out outstanding innovative projects and experiments in three different categories:

  1. #innovation site
with the support of EIFFAGE Construction Projects nominated: • La Turbine, Cergy-Pontoise (93): a concentrate of knowledge and innovation, supported by the incubator StarLabs • Le TechteraFAB, Ecully (69): location for collaborative innovation, a project by Techtera, competitiveness cluster for textile in France • Matériaupôle Chérioux: future location in Vitry-sur-Seine, a project by Matériaupôle, cluster on materials in Ile-de-France
  1. #innovative path to growth
with the support of Banque Populaire-NEXT'INNOV Projects nominated: • V-Optics and the accelerator C2IME: renewing the company Visual Technologies SAS • OOHEE (Phileas International) and the accelerator ADN Booster: going international accessible to everybody • Cizetamedicali France and cluster Nekoe: development of SMAPP app
  1. #community involvement
with the support of AG2R LA MONDIALE Projects nominated: • HappyVisio and TechSap Ouest cluster: an innovative service for elderly people • Basque Bondissant and Goazen cluster: fair and sustainable tourism: management adopting an holistic approach • SFI and Digital League cluster: «Seniors concept» project on home care for elderly people

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