#Design4enterprises: The European Commission launched a 3-year programme of courses to support design driven innovation

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 03 October 2016

A complete range of free training courses provided by the European Commission to discover how design-driven innovation can become the key to improve European SMEs competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

The European Commission launched Design for Enterprises, or #Design4Enterprises, a three years programme of courses to support design driven innovation. All courses are completely free and targeted on:

  • European SMEs, that will improve their design management skills
  • Business Development Intermediaries, such as EEN partners, that will become future trainers for other SMEs

Understanding new technologies, organisations and business cultural trends is the core of the courses. The training programme focus on design as the key feature in the strategies to develop a SME in the global market of today. Design-driven-innovation is not a formal tip adding appeal to products and services – it involves the use of traditional and new materials, of new production tools and processes and of innovative approaches to better meet customers’ needs.

Design is a new point of view about the product/service. It is the key to success for European enterprises.

Please see the newsletter and upcoming courses here

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