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Submitted by Lee Gibson on 15 July 2020

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) is a design and innovation institute that partners with organisations in alignment with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

CIID is among the 20 leading design & innovation schools worldwide (Business Insider) having received several awards and recognitions across its educational, strategy, and incubation activities.

Public and private organisations—whether they work with services, products, or experiences across diverse domains— also need to invest in certain skills to build and strengthen their capacity for innovation. These skills include complex problem solving, cross-disciplinary collaborations, and creating future scenarios.

In this context, CIID Digital Learning workshops teach participants how to practice design thinking processes, embrace new technologies, and accelerate the pace of innovation in their work and daily lives. Workshops are facilitated by world-class experts across the fields of innovation, digital technology, and creative leadership.

The CIID online courses are designed for live instruction, peer-to-peer learning, and maximum collaboration. You will learn how to practice life-centred design, adopt new technologies, and accelerate the pace of innovation in your career and daily life. The digital format allows for the flexibility to join across multiple time zones and continents.

Skills have risen fast to the top of the agenda of European industry and cluster organisations are experiencing increasing demands from their members to support upskilling, reskilling of the workforce and talent attraction. They also have an important role to play and act as agents of change in facilitating the transition to circular economy and supporting the implementation of the Next Generation EU recovery plan focusing on investments in a green, digital and resilient Europe.

Of the 12 workshops that CIID organises during summer 2020, we have spotted three that could help cluster managers and cluster management teams improve their own skills – or those of their members -  in addressing these important issues:

Clusters and their members embedded in the ECCP platform have the opportunity to get a 10% discount of the regular workshop price by applying the code ECLST10 when registering here.

Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact Ana Laura Farias (a.farias [at] or Sanna Isabella Haaramäki (s.haaramaki [at]

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