A delegation from Colombia visits the Basque Country to learn from the Basque industry's experience in energy efficiency and renewables

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 04 October 2019

The first week of June, from the 3rd to the 7th, a delegation of Colombian companies and entities related to the energy sector visited the Basque Country to learn from the experience and knowledge of the Basque industry in energy efficiency and the integration of renewables into the energy matrix. The Basque Energy Cluster organised a conference on 3 June in which Colombian and Basque companies exchanged their experience and impressions regarding the sector, ending with a networking session to foster contact between them.

One of the direct results of the exploratory mission carried out by the Basque Energy Cluster last March to Colombia was the reverse mission organised by CAEM (Corporación Ambiental Empresarial). It is an environmental corporation dependent on the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, within the NAMA Industria project, which aims to acquire knowledge and good practices in energy efficiency from different parts of the world in order to apply them in Colombia. The project is financed by the United Nations Development Programme and executed by CAEM, which has brought together up to 8 Colombian organisations in this reverse mission: GREEN ENERGY FACTORYSODINLECINGERFROSTMELBA PEREZPROCABLESUNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE COLOMBIAUNIVERSIDAD EAN and GESTION 3.

On Monday 3, the Basque Energy Cluster organised a conference with Basque companies with the aim of presenting the Basque industrial and technological fabric to the Colombian delegation and encouraging collaboration among the participants in the conference. In addition to the presentations of the Colombian entities, several Basque companies had the opportunity to present their experience and capabilities: CEGASACEIBEREUSKABEAIKERLAN and TECNALIA. After these presentations, once the capacities of those present had been identified, a networking area was organised in which the participants were able to deepen synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

In the afternoon, the Colombian group visited INGETEAM's facilities at the Zamudio Technology Park. Throughout the rest of the week, they visited the +Industry platform, an event grouping 7 trade shows, the Basque Energy Agency EVE, the facilities of CIC energiGUNE in Vitoria and TECNALIA's energy efficiency laboratory in Azpeitia.

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