COVID-19 Clearing House for medical equipment

Submitted by Lucia Seel on 29 May 2020

To facilitate the swift delivery of the supplies needed to fight the virus, save lives and overcome the public health crisis in the European Union, the Commission has created the COVID-19 Clearing House for medical equipment.

The Clearing House works closely with national authorities across the EU, manufacturers and other stakeholders, to help Member States source available supplies to match their needs. It gives the Member States a platform to present their short, medium and longer-term needs for medical equipment and allows them to find supply offers from companies. The Clearing House monitors imports, export restrictions, production capacity in third countries and supply chains, including transport and logistics bottlenecks. It also helps foresee and resolve blockages due to regulatory or technical reasons.

The Clearing House is organised in five product-related clusters: personal protection equipment, ventilators, other medical and hospital supplies, test materials, and therapeutics and vaccines.

Companies interested in submitting an offer can:

  • Fill in this form on the Commission matchmaking platform.
  • Contact the EU-COVID19-OFFERS-TO-ERCC [at] (COVID-19 offers mailbox).

For more information please read here.

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