Clusters growing the ocean economy

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 16 December 2019

Many countries have seen the potential in sustaiable, economic growth in the ocean economy. Offshore floating wind, tourism, seafood, fishery, autnomous ships and clean maritime technologies are just some of the growth sectors in the global blue economy. But how exactly can governments kickstart and scale this economic growth? The answer to that question can very likely be found in building ocean clusters.

On 9 December 2019, the Canadian Ocean Supercluster, Iceland’s Ocean Cluster, Norway’s NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and global ocean impact accelerator Katapult all joined the webinar “Shaping Future Ocean Clusters” for an open discussion on emerging best practices, different strategies and key challenges to overcome to build successful ocean clusters.

Hosted by the Norwegian cluster expert, Christian Rangen, the webinar brought together four different voices to help create a deeper understanding of how clusters and accelerators can contribute and lead the development of healthy and sustainable innovation clusters for the ocean economy.

Watch the webinar Shaping Future Ocean Clusters here.

For more information please contact Christian Rangen (christian [at]

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