Clusters are the Power of Innovation – a new Danish campaign

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 13 January 2020

In Denmark, the performance and impact of clusters have been measured for more than a decade. The Danish clusters reach out annually to more than 18,000 companies, supporting the development of new products, services and processes. It is well-documented that companies in clusters are more innovative and productive.

The impact and performance of clusters is the theme of a new Danish cluster branding campaign. Under the name “The Power of Innovation” the clusters’ role in creating innovation in SMEs is being showcased. A special video highlighting the clusters’ activities is a key component of the campaign, where the innovation-leading energy company Ørsted, the Aalborg University and the Municipality of Copenhagen as frontrunners are showing the importance of clusters in developing new innovations:

The campaign also includes an online platform communicating the impact of clusters and a social media hashtag-campaign for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The 40 Danish cluster organisations are the main responsible actors for rolling out the campaign that is designed in such a way to target the clusters’ own audiences and supplemented with their own success stories and cases.

The campaign was developed jointly by communication and branding experts from the Danish clusters and Cluster Excellence Denmark.

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