ClusterFY Joint Policy Recommendations

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 11 December 2019

ClusterFY aims to improve regional and national policy instruments seeking to intensify clusterization processes especially related to Key Enabling Technologies (KET’s), as well as foster interregional cooperation between and among clusters and business networks. These developments advance the implementation of regional innovation strategies. 

Peer learning between ClusterFY partner regions has highlighted a diversity of experience with cluster policies. Although cluster initiatives are often seen as focusing on innovation and growth in firms, cluster policy also aims at influencing the system: bringing together triple helix actors to address broader regional and national aims for skills development, entrepreneurship, digitalisation, industrial modernisation, internationalization and sustainable development. 

Despite the diversity between the partner regions, ClusterFY partners have a common view on the role innovation intermediaries (cluster and others) play in reaching and engaging SMEs; the importance of acting within a broader innovation ecosystem to address complex challenges; and the need for regional smart specialization strategies that build on related strengths – fostering connections between sectors, technologies and (international) geographies. 

For this, cluster policies that acknowledge the variety of forms that collaborative initiatives may take, the broader role that they may play as part of the innovation ecosystem, and new measures to facilitate diversity within clusters and in collaborations with other clusters (across sectors, technologies and geographies), are needed.

Want to learn more about the Joint Policy Recommendations? Read the full report here or attached. 

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