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Cluster World Congress

Cluster World Congress

24, 25, 26 March 2015, Dabrowa Gornicza, Silesia, Poland Cluster World Congress is the industry event for the international clustered environment. This is the first time that the world will take place so big and thematically oriented clusters meeting.

For Whom?

The event is addressed to cluster, to managers, business representatives, local and national government and the scientific community. The Congress will be attended bythe the representatives of the public authorities from different countries and the most prominent experts in the field of clustering.

About Congress

Cluster World Congress is unprecedented global event of polish and foreign clusters, in particular with regard to the possibility of combining their potentials in order to facilitate the development of the local and global economy.

The aim of of the Congress?

The aim of the Congress is to create a communication plane, allowing a dialogue between market education, employment and business and also provide participants with technical and practical knowledge about the clusters and to promote their ideas.

For more information visit http://clusterworldcongress.com/