Cluster matchmaking event on 20 October 2014 in Brussels: Eighty clusters meet to explore cross sectoral opportunities.

Submitted by Lowri Brown on 30 October 2014

The event was supported by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission in the framework of an initiative promoting international cluster cooperation for SMEs, and was organised by inno TSD as part of the SPI lead consortium.

The event gathered over 80 clusters represented by more than 100 cluster managers, coming from 18 EU countries and from Turkey and Serbia. 170 cluster-to-cluster (C2C) meetings were organised which generated great interest and scope for future cooperation.

This event, with such a large panel of European clusters, offered cluster managers a unique opportunity to explore possible common areas of interest for cooperation and identify potential complementarities in terms of technologies, services, value chain, and market focus for their SME members.  

The event was also a perfect occasion to experiment cross-sectoral dialogues to explore potential synergies and cooperation, with more than 15 sectors represented, amongst which notably the sectors of ICT, Energy, Environment, Health, Biotech, pharma and cosmetics, Materials, Agro food, Space and aerospace, Automotive, transport and logistics, Creative industries,…and with almost half of the meetings being cross-sectoral meetings.

Feedback from participants on the event, based on the post event questionnaire, was very positive and will be further analyzed in a report that will follow.

Other International Cluster Matchmaking events will be organised in 2015, the participation will be open through a call for expression of interest to be published on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform in the coming months.

Participants also had the possibility to attend the European Cluster Conference 2014  held in the same venue in Brussels on October 20th and 21st, 2014.

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