CLUSGRID: Training workshop in Berlin within the COSME

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 23 June 2017

10 Clusters belonging to two different COSME programmes including CLUSGRID and INNO-DROP participated in a 4 day training workshop in Berlin from April 25 to April 28. There were 4 experienced and professional trainers responsible for the program, who seeked to strengthen cluster management and sustainable long-term and cross-border collaboration.

COSME consists of an EU funded program whose objectives include increasing competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. It focuses on a variety of different topics including: helping SMEs accessing finance, opening markets for businesses, supporting entrepreneurs, and improving business conditions. 

The training workshop was carried out in Berlin by INNO-DROP, and different cluster managers belonging to the Clusgrid project had the pleasure of assisting. They were instructed within specific fields including: cluster benchmarking, cluster organization management, industrial analysis and segmentation, cluster economics, and change management.  

The overall objectives for the Clusgrid project are that the cluster members leverage the course content and tutorials to improve their own clusters at a national and international level. They strive to create new and lasting frameworks for the long term stability and relevance of their cluster.  

The consortia also took advantage of the opportunity to talk about further cooperation between each other.  The training was successful for all participants and it is now followed by a 5 week online training which will be organized by the Clusgrid consortium. 

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