CE-ASEAN Business Association: the consultancy designed to develop business opportunities between Central European and ASEAN region organisations

Submitted by Morgane Veille… on 01 March 2017

The Central Europe – ASEAN Business Association (CE-ASEAN Business Association) is a business development platform operating as a membership-based business association. It is headquartered in Budapest (Hungary) with offices in Brussels and the ASEAN region (Ho Chi Minh City). CE-ASEAN Business Association currently cooperates with Central European and ASEAN region clusters and business organisations.

CE-ASEAN Business Association’s strategic goal is to cover the existing gap of private sector representation in the ASEAN market and in the international development and EU opportunities sector, where companies, organisations from Central and Eastern Europe are underrepresented and do not enjoy technical support for market penetration and business development.

For more information on the services offered by CE-ASEAN Business Association, please visit: http://www.ce-asean.com/

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