Call for proposals: Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 01 November 2018

Deadline: Thursday, 28 March, 2019

With a total budget of 11.500.000 EUR, this call is aimed at scaling up innovative businesses across the EU and detecting high potential innovations and support innovators in going to market. The actions proposed - IA Innovation action (10.000.000 EUR budget) and CSA Coordination and support action (1.500.000 EUR budget) - should help startups and scaleups achieve market success and mature the innovation excellence of high potential innovators and they should support the creation of new jobs and high growth businesses and support their growth on a pan-European and international level

Proposals should address the following and provide appropriate metrics for measuring success with respect to a defined baseline:

a. Innovation actions

  • Increased connectedness among members of deep-tech startup ecosystems and their companies (startups and scaleups) and to the larger European business ecosystem seeking maximum synergies
  • Increased access to customers, private and public, better access to qualified employees, access to the right combination of finance and prospects for scaling up across border;
  • Stimulate European investments in deep-tech digital sectors through increasing the number of cross-border investments; demonstrate sustainability of proposed actions beyond the life of the project.

b. Coordination and Support actions

  • Increase the number of digital technology based spin-offs, startups and scale-ups or successfully transferred technology from EU funded projects;
  • Enable innovative ICT based companies or technology to reach investment maturity and market introduction readiness, and/or winning for the first time public procurement contracts across the EU.

Please find the topic conditions and documents realted to the call as well as a detailed description here.

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