Call for proposals: Policy project "Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities"

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 20 November 2017

Deadline: 05/02/2018

CALL FOR PROPOSALS EAC/S23/2017 will support innovation in the cultural and creative sectors, and the total budget earmarked for the co-financing of this project is estimated at 1,500,000 EUR. The call budget will be allocated to one single project. 

Mainly addressing creative hubs, the present action should also provide support to cultural and creative spaces as well as other stakeholders in particular at the local level, including local, municipal and regional authorities, while linking the two main objectives of Creative Europe: promoting cultural diversity (cultural production) and strengthening the competitiveness of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs).

This call for proposals aims at strengthening existing networks and individual cultural and creative stakeholders, facilitate the interaction among them, two-way hands-on policy learning with concrete results, studies and examples of best practice.


  • Bring closer together cultural and creative spaces and local decision-makers
  • Help to better valorise public spaces for social and urban regeneration through culture
  • Share best practice concerning social inclusion and the relations of cultural and creative spaces with their neighbourhoods
  • Explore and share best practice of cultural and creative spaces with aspects of the collaborative economy and innovative models for the delivery of public services

Expected results: 

  • Reinforced contacts and networks of cultural and creative spaces at EU/Creative Europe countries level
  • Strengthened trans-national and cross-sectoral cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors and other stakeholders in particular at the local level
  • Enhanced exchanges of experience, learning, skills development and cooperation opportunities
  • Best practice examples to improve delivery of public services
  • Enhanced learning among policy-makers, practitioners and academics on the realities of today's environment of cultural and creative spaces and the cities they are located in as well as better understanding of wider policy context by cultural operators and stakeholders
  • Recommendations for further policy making (incl. funding) on the local, municipal, regional, national and European level

More information on the call's objecties, activities, results as well as eligibility and selection criteria is available here.


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