Call for applications: First Well Aging Society Summit Asia-Japan 2018

Submitted by Caroline Guillet on 09 July 2018

Japan is characterised by an aging society and is facing both societal and health challenges, beyond what other industrialised nations experience. These challenges include the increase of medical expenditures, lifestyle-related diseases, medical disparities and high demand for elderly care and support. Such challenges have led the Japanese companies to drive the silver economy worldwide.

To revitalise investment in the healthcare sector in Japan, from both domestic and foreign investors, the “1st Well Aging Society Summit-Asia-Japan” will be held as an international conference geared at business matching between venture business and venture investors. The summit seeks to disseminate the qualities of Japan’s services and R&D which contribute to super-aging societies, both for domestic and international markets.

Through this summit, it is expected that new and effective health industries will be created from Japan, the most advanced super-aging nation, and that the ability for aging societies to live healthy and fruitful lives will be secured for Japan and the world.

This event will be hosted in the context of Bio Japan on October 9, 2018.

The organisers are currently looking for ventures in the field of well aging society and quality digital health to speak at the conference. Deadline for applications is July 9, 2018. Information for signing up can be found in the attached PDF document.

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