Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills In a Nutshell

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 20 December 2018

Technological progress. Artificial intelligence. Globalisation. Climate change.

Megatrends are shaping the labour market. Skills needs are rapidly changing across jobs. As a result, many sectors of the economy are suffering from skills shortages. But which skills are needed, and how can we deliver them? The Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills, launched as part of the Skills Agenda for Europe, is designed to find the answers.

The Blueprint provides a framework for strategic cooperation between key stakeholders such as businesses, trade unions, research and training institutions and public authorities in a given economic sector. These industry-led partnerships develop sectoral skills strategies and concrete actions, such as new or updated vocational education and training. These will help foster new opportunities for investment, innovation, growth and jobs.

The Blueprint is a framework for strategic cooperation between key stakeholders, such as businesses, trade unions, chambers of commerce, industry or labour, research, education and training institutions, other professional associations and public authorities. By bringing people together, the Blueprint helps people and industries grasp new opportunities for innovation, growth and jobs.

The attached leaflet offers a concise overview of the Blueprint ‘in a nutshell’, outlining its purpose and methodology, as well as a list of the sectors in which it is already making its mark. It also provides useful links and details on how organisations can get involved.

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