Australia encourages its SMEs to export thanks to the Export Hubs programme

Submitted by Caroline Guillet on 25 September 2018

Last year, Australia redesigned its industrial policy and established six so-called Growth Centres, which correspond to the national areas of smart specialisation. The thematic areas of the growth centres are the following:  Advanced Manufacturing, Cyber Security, Food and Agribusiness, Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals, Mining Equipment, Technology and Services as well as Oil, Gas and Energy Resources.

These Growth Centre aim at animating the SMEs of their sector, at a national level, through cluster-like activities, among which, exports. Lately, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science of the Australian Government, has decided to trigger the export policy of Australian SME through providing them with grants up to AU$ 150,000 to reach to new markets, including Europe.

This constitutes an opportunity for European clusters to bind to their Australian partners to propose projects, in favour of EU-Australian trade collaboration. More information can be found here.

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