Attention to clusters in MedTech sector! International Call for Tenders to Purchase Medical Equipment

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 17 March 2020

In order to face the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the Lombardy Region is launching several international calls for tenders to purchase medical equipment to treat the most seriously ill patients who need to be hospitalized and also a list of equipment needed to protect doctors and health personnel from the next two months of emergency. The interested companies must refer to the purchasing office of ARIA S.p.A. – the central purchasing company of the Lombardy Region - directed by Mrs. Carmen Schweigl, who can be reached at the following mail address: gare [at]   Mr Filippo Bongiovanni can be reached for any clarification and management profile. (Email: filippo.bongiovanni [at], Mobile +39 335 7635849) We thank you for your cooperation and we ask you to relay these information to all your networks.

List of medical Equipment Needed

Letter for Suppliers

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