Analysis of Disruptions in the Creative and Cultural Ecosystem

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 12 June 2020

Summary of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus Daily Webinar on 9 June 2020 

In the meeting on 9th June, the European Alliance Against Coronavirus started the analysis of current disruptions in the creative and cultural industries ecosystem with the support of Vilnius Film Cluster and the Association of Business Cluster Bulgaria. 

Vilnius Film Cluster, with 36 members, is an alliance of leading film, TV production and production services companies founded in 2007. The cluster grew fast, thanks to international partnership, and offers a board range of film production and rental services. During the pandemic, all the big events related to creative and cultural industries have been stopped or cancelled, both on local and international stages. Consequently, almost 90% of companies stopped working or suspended their operations. However, they cannot access most of the financial support measures implemented by the government. Creative industries need specifically tailored regulations and financial support to restart their activities. A general coordination to develop new business models is also needed by the ecosystem.

The Association of Business Cluster Bulgaria is an organisation that unites and protects the interests of clusters in Bulgaria. It shared the case study of the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster, working on support for the hospitality industry during COVID-19 outbreak in order to introduce the “new normality” in hotel rooms.

Furthermore, they referenced the situation of the music industry, showing the case study of a young Bulgarian artist, invited to participate at Eurovision 2020. The event has been postponed to 2021. The main issues during the pandemic are event cancellation, difficulty in develop creative processes, lack of connections with the audience. They identified different solutions such as organising online concerts to keep the audience engaged, recording and song writing from distance, using extensively social media and press.

The creative and cultural industries ecosystem is deeply interconnected with other ecosystem but it needs a specific recovery plan in order to restart activities, rethink their business models, help their employers that, in most cases, are freelancer workers.

A recording of the session is available here 

These are the complete minutes of the meeting: 

20200609 ECA dailyminutes_V3.pdf

This is a presentation of the Case study of the Bulgarian participant at the Eurovision 2020: VICTORIA.

BG creative cluster_Eurovision 2020-comprimido.pdf

This is a presentation of the Case study of the Bulgarian Furniture Cluster: Ligna UV Key

Ligna No Touch hotel room -comprimido.pdf

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