Analysis of Disruptions in the Automotive Ecosystem

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 16 June 2020

Summary of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus Daily Webinar on 15 June 2020 

This morning session was opened by Thomas Röhr from European Automotive Cluster Network (EACN) and Joanna Szychowska, head of unit Automotive and Mobility industries from DG Grow. They gave an overview of the European automotive ecosystem and explained their visions for the future of the industry, which is moving towards new technologies and forms of mobility.

EACN is composed by 19 automotive clusters and it was founded in 2017 to develop new technologies and vehicle concepts, additive manufacturing, and supply chain optimization, digitalize the processes and training education for upskilling. During the pandemic, EACN partners decided to launch specific Covid-19 actions with the aims to develop a joint vision for the future automotive landscape and launch cluster services helping members on long term impacts. The sector highlighted a drop of almost 40% compared to the same four months of 2019 and the crisis accelerates the pre pandemic challenges.

The pandemic will reshape the urban mobility landscape in the long term. EACN focused on the future urban mobility that will be characterised by new innovative business models from mobility actors (including automotive industry), technologically driven by automated vehicles and production systems, and show an increase in intermodal travels. Joanna Szychowska added three other topics: alternative vehicles, design and develop horizontal thinking in order to create new value chains, and work in agreement with industries to develop needed skills.

A recording of the session is available here 

These are the complete minutes of the meeting: 

20200615 ECA dailyminutes_V2.pdf

This is the presentation from EACN "Towards a new vision for the European Automotive Industry":

200615 EACN@ECA - Towards a vision for the European Automotive Industry.pdf

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Photo by Lenny Kuhne on Unsplash

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