Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) website launched

Submitted by Lee Gibson on 13 August 2020

The new website for the European Commission's Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI) project is now live.

The ATI initiative aims to analyse and systematically monitor the uptake of advanced technologies by industry across the European Union.

It will provide policymakers, industry representatives and academia with:

  • Statistical data on the creation and use of advanced technologies (including information on enabling conditions such as skills, investment or entrepreneurship).
  • Analytical reports on technological trends, sectoral insights and products.
  • Analyses of policy measures and policy tools related to the uptake of advanced technologies.
  • Analyses of technological trends in competing economies such as in the US, China or Japan.
  • Access to technology centres and innovation hubs across EU countries.

All this information will be collated and shared via the new ATI website, which will merge the previous KETs Observatory and Digital Transformation Monitor initiatives. 

Insights and resources on the platform include analyses of new products and technology trends, technology centre search and mapping, a data dashboard, policy and research updates, news and events.

The project focuses on the advanced technologies that will enable and help industries to successfully manage a shift towards a low-carbon and knowledge-based economy. The following 16 advanced technologies have been identified:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  2. Advanced Materials
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  5. Big Data
  6. Blockchain
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Connectivity
  9. Industrial Biotechnology
  10. Internet of Things
  11. Micro- and Nanoelectronics
  12. Mobility
  13. Nanotechnology
  14. Photonics
  15. Robotics
  16. Security
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