8 Mediterranean clusters attended a successful and inspiring Benchmarking Visits & Training tour by THE NEXT SOCIETY last week in Piedmont (Italy)

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 17 June 2019

Ceipiemonte, with the support of France Clusters organized the second Benchmarking Visits & Training  last week in Piedmont (Italy). 8 cluster managers and cluster representatives from Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt took part to this second inspiration and learning week and had the opportunity to meet their peers in Piedmont, as well as different experts and actors of the regional ecosystem illustrating their case studies and best practices on business models, service portfolio and digital communication.

The goal was to provide the South Mediterranean cluster managers with new methodologies and tools on management topics, as identified through the diagnosis phase of their cluster, and generate new contacts both between South-South and North-South organizations.

A full day was equally dedicated to networking with around 20 entrepreneurs, clusters, incubators and other actorsfrom Piedmont interested in Mediterranean markets.

The 8 Mediterranean clusters participating to the delegation were:

North West Olive Oil cluster (Tunisia), Maroc Numeric Cluster (Morocco), Moroccan Denim cluster (Morocco), Agrinova (Morocco), Moroccan Technical Textile Cluster (C2TM) (Morocco), Borg Al Arab Innovation cluster (Egypt), Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster - ERECI (Egypt), QOOT - Lebanon Agri-Food Innovation Cluster (Lebanon).

The Benchmarking Visits & Training are part of the services delivered in the framework of the Cluster Booster track, THE NEXT SOCIETY support programme for Mediterranean clusters.

In 2019 and 2020, two additional 5-day study tours will be organized by France Clusters and respectively: AWEX in Wallonia (Belgium) (28 October–1 November 2019) and risingSUD (France) (Spring 2020). These tours are available in order to improve their cluster management practices and develop new cooperation opportunities.

For more information, please contact

Sara Botti Europe and International project officer at France Clusters sara.botti [at] franceclusters.fr
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