18 MENA clusters and member companies attended THE NEXT SOCIETY International Market Mission on FILEX France Forum, last 13 September in Paris, France

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 23 September 2019

On September 13th, 2019, in Paris, 18 MENA clusters and member companies attended the 1st edition of the France Clusters FILEX Forum, the national forum of sectors of excellence and territorial ecosystems, organised by France Clusters and its partners.

The event brought together around 250 cluster managers, competitiveness clusters, accelerators, incubators and technopoles, regional decision-makers, heads of schools, universities and technical centres and innovation financiers to discuss key themes.

Among the day’s activities, THE NEXT SOCIETY, in collaboration with France Clusters, organised a thematic workshop specifically dedicated to “Inter-cluster cooperation across the Mediterranean” as a means of supporting the economic development of companies and the territory.

The workshop ended with the signature of a partnership agreement between France Clusters, the French network of business and innovation clusters, and Algeria clusters, the new born network of clusters from Algeria. The objective of this partnership is to enhance the collaboration between both organizations and network members, to support the reinforcement of cluster management practices, the exchange of good practices and the emergence of collaborative projects and business opportunities.

18 MENA clusters and companies benefiting from THE NEXT SOCIETY were present:

Groupement Cluster boisson-Agrologistique - Algeria Clusters (Algeria),  Egyptian Renewable Energy Cluster Initiative (Egypt), Beirut Creative Cluster (Lebanon), Robinson Agri (member of QOOT cluster) (Lebanon), CE3M (Morocco), Maroc Numeric Cluster (Morocco), Morrocan Solar Cluster (Morocco), Moroccan denim&fashion cluster (Morocco); ESITH (member of Cluster des Textiles Techniques Marocains- C2TM) (Morocco); Palestinian Stone Cluster (Palestine), House of Furniture Cluster (Palestine), Hebron Leather and Shoe Cluster (Palestine), Valley for Stone and Marble (member of Palestinian Stone cluster) (Palestine), Partnersofa (member of House of furniture cluster) (Palestine), Jerusalem Tourism Cluster (Palestine), North-west olive oil cluster (Tunisia), Pharma IN (Tunisia), Biotechpole Sidi Thabet (member of Pharma In cluster) (Tunisia).

They had a unique opportunity to gain international visibility, access to a network of experts and created opportunities for collaboration and effective business through the B2B meetings scheduled during the day.

In addition, during FILEX France several mentors and mentees participating to the Cluster mentoring programme by THE NEXT SOCIETY had the chance to meet in person for the first time, as Paul LUCCHESE (Capenergies, France) and Noureddine BOUYAAKOUB (CE3M cluster, Morocco), and Corinne CERVEAUX (GOAZEN cluster) and Naila JWEALIS (Jerusalem Tourism Cluster).

THE NEXT SOCIETY brought together a delegation of 18 cluster managers and entrepreneurs from the southern Mediterranean countries to participate in this 1st International Business Development Mission organised as part of the Cluster Booster Track, a peer support and learning programme for cluster managers to improve their management skills, increase their business opportunities and open new channels for collaboration between clusters at national and international level.

To know more, contact sara.botti [at] franceclusters.fr

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