COVID-19 Response Portal

COVID-19 Response Portal

Between March and June 2020, the ECCP community used this forum to exchange views on and solutions for the economic shock caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent health and safety measures. It was identified as one of the European Commission’s eight key response measures for industry and the Single Market. Even though the forum is no longer operational, you can still review discussions that have taken place so far and get access to the communities’ collective knowledge and responses to COVID-19 (private and public measures, initiatives, technologies and much more).

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SMEs moving out of the COVID-19 crisis

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 21 July 2020.

SMEunited published an article on the do's and don'ts for SMEs entering the recovery stage after the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic recovery of small businesses in Europe will depend on how the digital & green transformation of SMEs is fostered and thus, a more elaborate strategic approach is required. This article was published as one in a series which OECD experts and leaders from around the...

The Green Cluster supports small Cypriot producers during the COVID-19 lockdown

Submitted by Tedora Aibu on 18 June 2020.

The Green Cluster is an initiative developed by AKTI Project and Research Centre, with the objective of building a community of small business andproducers. Its major task is to achieve gender equality and women empowerment, fostering cooperation across different economic sectors and implement an inclusive growth concept. The cluster has more than 300 members and has emerged from the inherent need...

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