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© Norma Nardi 2020
© Norma Nardi 2020

The shift towards a more sustainable agri-food ecosystem

The link between healthy people, healthy societies and a healthy planet puts sustainable food systems at the heart of the European Green Deal, the EU’s sustainable and inclusive growth strategy.

Farm to Fork Strategy

The Farm to Fork Strategy (under the European Green Deal) aims at making food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.

Agri-Food - Farm to Fork Strategy

EU Code of Conduct

The EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices is a voluntary industry initiative, launched under the Farm to Fork Strategy, which aims to improve the sustainability performance of the agri-food chain.

Agri-Food - EU Code of Conduct

Sign up to the Code and boost your sustainability performance!

More information, including the procedure to be followed to sign up to the Code of Conduct, can be found on the Code of Conduct webpage. A self-evaluation tool, including a simplified registration form, is currently under development and will be published on this page soon.

Check what this ecosystem is about:

Agri-Food - Recording

Check the presentations by the European Commission and a cluster manager on this ecosystem:

Agri-Food - Presentation


  • Blaga Popova Valentinova, Trade Affairs Officer at Food industry - DG GROW
  • Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director of Food Valley, the Netherlands
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